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Welcome to NIDC Agile Board Application.

In order to use the application a username and password is required, if you are a team lead please contact the system administrator for these, otherwise contact your team lead.

The purpose of this application is to move from a whiteboard based AGILE approach to a more modern online service. The service allows you to create, modify and remove tasks, these tasks can be assigned to individuals within the project.

Users can be assigned to multiple projects and the email functionality ensures that when a task is created or altered the relevant user is informed. This page will guide you through the main functionality, if you require any further assistance or have any issues please contact the system administrator.

Logging In

When your account has been created it is essential to ensure that the details provided are correct. When you log into the application for the first time click on the user management link in the top bar:
This will open the user management screen. The username cannot be changed however please ensure that the information in personal details section are correct, if not you can amend these.

The first time you login please ensure that you change your password. The password must be more than six characters with at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and a number.

Account Types

The Agile Board Application has two types of user:

1.	A Project Manager (Admin)
2.	A Project Member (Standard)

If you are a project manager please navigate here to find out about admin tasks otherwise continue with the guide.

Application Explained

Project Managers have the ability to create and assign tasks to users. Once a task has been assigned to a user they have the ability to:

1.	Edit the status/assigned user
2.	Add and view comments
3.	View the task history
4.	Filter the notifications

Edit the status/assigned user

On successful login the Agile Board home screen will be shown, this shows the tasks in the currently selected project. To change between projects use dropdown in the top right.

There are six swimlanes which show the current status of tasks. These swimlanes are separated by colour and the sections are defined as: Backlog, Progressing, Testing, Review, Completed and Blocked.

As tasks are being worked on the status will change, the status can be updated in two ways:

1.	By dragging the task over the desired state
2.	By clicking on the notification and choosing the new state from the dropdown (ensure that the "update" button is clicked)

It is important to note that each task should follow a flow across the lanes and therefore they can only be changed in certain ways, a notification will alert the user if the task has been successfully/unsuccessfully updated.

To edit the assigned user click on the notification and choose team meber from the dropdown and click update. When update is clicked an email will be sent to the new user which will inform then that that have been assigned a task.

Standard users can ONLY edit tasks assigned to them, admin users can edit any tasks within the project.

Comments and History

To access comments and history click on the appropriate task.

Comments can be added to notifications, these will allow others to view the status of the task and allow any issues to be recorded.

Any time the status or user of a task is changed the change is recorded and changes can be viewed by choosing the notification history tab.

Filter the notifications

In the top bar there are three ways to filter notifications:

1.	Filter by User
2.	Filter by Status
3.	Filter by Group

These dropdowns prepopulate all of the available options and are self explanatory. The filter by user dropdown is usefult to view the tasks assigned to you.

Project Manager Tasks

As a project manager (admin user) there is extended functionailty, this functionailty is availble on the top line of the application header. The remainder of this guide is aimed at project managers and provides details on:

1.	Creating, Assigning and Removing Tasks
2.	Creating Users and Groups
3.	Assigning Users to Groups

Creating, Assigning and Removing Tasks

As a project manager you are responsable for creating and initially assigning tasks. To create a task click on the "Create a Notification" link, this will show the screen below:
The maximum length of the task is 100 characters (to make it easily readable) and you can use the dropdown to choose the initial user. When the task is created an email will be sent to the user to inform them of the new task.

As admin user you have the capability to reassign, modify or remove tasks from the project. See here for details on how to ressign or modify tasks.

In order to delete a task click on the appropriate task and press the remove button, an alert will appear to ensure that you wish to do this.

Creating Users and Groups

In order to create a user or group click on the "Admin Mgmt" in the page header this will take you to the admin management screen shown below:
To create a user navigate to the "Create a User" screen, this will allow you to enter the user details and assign them to an initial group. Once the user is created advise them to login and change thier password by following the instructions here.

To create a new group navigate to the "Create a Group" screen. This will allow you to specify the name of the new group, once the group is created you can follow the "Add a User to Group" to add users to the group. If you are involed in more than one project you can get the project manager of other projects to add you to thiers. 

Contact Details

This application has been created and distributed by Michael Millar, Mark Mckillion, Aidan Johnston and Ciaran George on behalf of NIDC (CVS Caremark).

For more information please contact any of the above named contributors.